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Ultimate Cleaners specialises in window cleaning for all residential, commercial, strata and industrial needs. We have highly trained cleaners with state of the equipment, to ensure a thorough job, with a high attention to detail.

For standard residential cleaning, our service includes cleaning all glass, fly screens, frames and wiping out tracks.  Our staff are fully insured, and take great pride in our work, and our customers property.  

We utilise pure waterfed poles for most of the exterior window cleaning; this allows us to safely clean up to 6 storeys from the ground using carbon fibre poles. Some of our vans are also fitted with hot water, allowing us to achieve a chemical free clean. Using a filtration system, we remove all minerals in the water, resulting in the water drying with a spot free finish. Pure water strives to be in a natural impure state, and therefore aids the cleaning process by attracting dirt and grime. Windows are cleaned better, and the frames and sills are rinsed as part of the process. Where jobs are smaller and its impractical to use the water fed pole, we resort to traditional mop and squeegee technique (which are staff are highly trained in as this is how we clean all internal windows).

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our method willsafely remove any mould, cobwebs, dust/dirt and grimebuild up from the glass and frames.

Did you know? Hard water staining affects glass that had been wet repeatedly or is older glass that is infrequently cleaned. Minerals that are left behind after the water evaporates, slowly etch into the glass and create a stain. Hard water stain removal is not included in our pricing unless specifically discussed and mentioned on the invoice. If the glass is stained there may still be some improvement with a standard clean, however it won’t truly look clean unless the hard water staining is removed. This is possible, however it’s a time-consuming process which involves buffing the glass back with an acid. In most circumstances this removes most of the staining however we can never guarantee a perfect result. This is an additional service.

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