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End of Lease Cleaning Terms and Conditions




The price you have been quoted from our platform (website) is based on a regular End of Lease Cleaning service for a reasonably clean, empty property. Any homes that are very dirty or have had tenants evicted will incur an additional charge. This will be discussed with the client on the day when the cleaner views the property.

a)      Any estimate is only an estimate based on the property being left in a reasonable cleanliness state and may change once the cleaners sight the property.

b)      We reserve the right to alter the estimate upon viewing the property if bedrooms are larger than 12 square meters, living rooms are larger than 15 square meters, hallways larger than 4 square meters, rugs larger than 12 square meters or bathrooms and kitchen are larger than described.

c)       We also reserve the right to change the estimate if the property conditions are different to those described or the customer’s original requirements are altered.

Service Inclusion

A general End of Lease Cleaning requires the property to be empty. If there are items in the cupboards, on the floors etc. – we will clean around them. We will not be responsible for the moving of items, in order for the space to be cleaned.

End of Lease Cleaning includes:

All Rooms


Bathroom & Laundry

Extra Charge

Clean internal cobwebs

Clean cabinet's in & out

Clean wardrobe’s in & out

Clean all mirrors

Clean skirting boards

Clean doors & frames

Clean light fittings

Clean power points

Wipe window sills

Wipe ceiling fans

Dust accessible surfaces

Floors vacuum & mop

Clean stove top

Clean bench tops

Clean back-splash

Clean cupboard's inside

Clean cupboard's front

Clean cupboard's bottoms

Clean range-hood

Wipe dishwasher exterior

Wipe oven exterior

Wipe fridge exterior

Polish taps & sinks

Floor vacuum & mop

Treat & scrub mould

Clean dryer

Clean washing machine

Clean exhaust

Polish taps & sinks

Wipe toilet bowl

Clean basin & mirror

Clean vanity drawers

Clean shower screen

Wipe bathtub

Remove all soap scum

Floor vacuum & mop

Windows inside

Windows outside

Carpet cleaning

Walls wiping






Microwave oven


BBQ cooker

a)      Our team does their best to make the cleaning spotless but not guaranteed since there are some marks those are permanent, we cannot remove. Some marks are very hard to remove and trying too hard may cause damages so we leave those.

b)      Every light fitting is different. If our team finds that it’s risky to open and clean it then they will just clean the outside not inside.

c)       For the stove top and range-hood, we do our best to clean it with appropriate chemical but we cannot make it spotless due to long time uses.

d)      Our team will use floor cleaning chemical thoroughly to clean the bathroom and kitchen floor but for tile and grout cleaning, you need to pay extra and the price we can discuss when our team is there.

e)      Sometime there are hard water stains on the shower screens or glasses. This thing is very hard and risky to remove and is not included in our end of lease cleaning.

f)       At the time of carpet cleaning, sometime we find some permanent marks on it those are not possible to remove and our price is for the general carpet cleaning only. If some stains require extra attention then we may charge you extra for that it’s not guaranteed that all marks would be removed.

g)      When we do the wall wiping, we cannot guarantee to remove all the marks. Some marks are permanent and some are very hard to remove and if we try too hard then the paint may come off.

h)      For inside window cleaning all windows should be accessible by foot. If there are permanent fixtures on the windows security screens, they will be dusted and cobwebs removed only.

i)        For outside windows, it should be accessible by ladders. Our cleaners can deny cleaning any windows if the find it’s risky to put the ladder.

j)        For the blinds cleaning, the price is just for Venetian blinds dusting only. If we need to clean any other blinds then it may require extra price considering the dirt and types.

k)      For balcony, we de-cobweb, scrub the tiles and mop it but still some marks can require pressure cleaning which is not included in our service outside glass from balcony is included.

l)        For air-conditioner, we do not open it but clean the surfaces and outdoor units to if it’s accessible.

m)    For garage, we just de-cobweb, sweep and vacuum it; nothing else.

n)      Our team can deny cleaning anything inside of the property that is more than 3 meters in height.

o)      Please note, before and after photos of the above items may be taken for comparison and quality control purposes.

Things we don't do as standard

a)      Building materials, paint and waste removal

b)      Lifting heavy items and furniture

c)       Laundry and linen changing

d)      Areas not accessible - such as ceilings

e)      Washing dishes

f)       Cleaning inside appliances

g)      Fabric blinds


Bond Back Guarantee

a)      Our guarantee means that we will return free of charge to rectify any issues the agent has with our cleaning provided they are on our standard checklist.

b)      To claim this guarantee you need to email us within 72 hours (not including weekends or public holidays) with the exit report and the agents details. This will only be accepted in writing by email.

c)       No exceptions to the 72 hour condition unless discussed with us by email (in writing) before the clean has taken place.

d)      In case of any complaints regarding cleaning, customer has to provide a notice of at least 72 hours to fix the cleaning complaint.

e)      In the case of any cleaning complaint, we require either the customer him/herself or the property manager to check the work while our cleaners are still present on the property in order to make sure complaint has been fixed to their standard.

The Appointment and Property Access

The customer by this agreement engages Ultimate Cleaners to facilitate the End of Lease Cleaning services as set out above (“End of Lease Cleaning Service”). Ultimate Cleaners has agreed to provide the right team to perform the services for the customer for the price as per electronic communication. Ultimate Cleaners represents and warrants to the customer that provided team has all the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and expertise to perform the services and will perform the services to a good and proper standard. Ultimate Cleaners holds all necessary licenses and permits required in order to allow the cleaners to perform the “End of Lease Cleaning Service”.

a)      The customer is to provide access to the property when the service is due to be performed. If he/she is not available at the appointed time the customer is responsible for providing us access to the keys. Failure to provide access is subject to a cancellation/postponement fee as per Ultimate Cleaners’ general terms and conditions.

b)      Running water and electricity must be available within the property where the cleaning service is to be carried out. Failure to provide these is subject to a $150 non-refundable fee.

c)       It is the customer’s responsibility to provide parking access to the cleaners. Should parking be required to be paid for, the cost of the parking during the cleaning service will be added to the customers invoice.

The Price, Payment and Variation

The customer has agreed to pay Ultimate Cleaners the fees as set out in the electronic communication. In respect of the Ultimate Cleaners fees, the customer will pay for the service by providing card details upon booking of service. Ultimate Cleaners will issue a paid tax invoice within 24 hours of completing the service via email.

a)      If the Customer requires any additional services or variations at the time the Service is being performed, the Customer must first contact Ultimate Cleaners by telephone or email who may agree to provide the additional services in its absolute discretion. The Cleaner is not authorized to agree to any such changes to the Service and or products being provided or used. The Customer must not request such changes directly from the Cleaner. And if paying by cash for those additional services, it has to be made on the day before start of the job.

b)      In addition to the amounts set out to the website and onsite, the Customer agrees to indemnify Ultimate Cleaners for all legal costs (on a solicitor and own client or full indemnity basis, whichever is greater) and any other expenses incurred by Ultimate Cleaners in connection with a demand, action, or other proceeding (including mediation, out of court settlement or any action taken for recovery of a debt from the Customer) arising out of a breach of these terms including the failure by the Customer to pay an amount by the due date.

c)       Ultimate Cleaners reserves the right to report any non-payment to either a collection agency and or is not limited to also reporting non-payment to the Credit Reference Association (CRA), the TICA database and or your property agent at its sole discretion and in doing this may affect your credit rating and or ability to seek rental properties in the future.



a)      We do not charge cancellation fees for the cancellation/re-scheduling of any service if we have been informed more than 3 days before the service is due to be conducted; otherwise a $cancellation/re-scheduling fee applies as per Ultimate Cleaners’ general terms and conditions.

b)      We reserve the right to refuse any job if we deem the condition of the property is dangerous for the safety, health, or well being of our staff.

c)       We reserve the right to re-schedule or cancel any appointment if the property is not as described either in condition or size, or if unexpected circumstances occur.

d)      The date and date of the clean given is approximate and we reserve the right to re-schedule the clean for anytime with the following 72 hours if unexpected circumstances occur such as a sick team member or the contractor has an emergency. If you are not happy to re-schedule the clean and wish to cancel a $250 cancellation/re-scheduling fee applies.


a)      All services are considered provided to a standard the customer would expect unless otherwise stated by the customer within 72 hours of the service being conducted. All complaints will be investigated and a resolution will be made to the satisfaction of the customer or a standard we deem reasonable.

b)      All service complaints etc must be submitted in writing by email.

c)       The customer must agree to allow a re-clean or an inspection of any work deemed unsatisfactory before he/she arranges third party to conduct services.

d)      Even though our technicians make every effort not to damage items, accidents occasionally happen. Therefore we recommend that all items of special value (either monetary or sentimental) are to be put away and/or not cleaned during this service.

e)      We may request access to a property where a problem has occurred within 24 hours of the service to investigate in an attempt to come to a resolution.

f)       Our team will do their best to clean kitchen appliances but please note that if they have not been regularly cleaned or there is some existing damage we are not liable for items that cannot be cleaned using standard methods.

g)      If you require your fridge/freezer to be cleaned, you are responsible for emptying and defrosting it in advance.

h)      The Customer must inform Ultimate Cleaners of any incident where an accident, breakage, damage to property or theft has occurred due to any act of a Cleaner within 72 hours of completion of the Service.

i)        To the extent permitted by law, the Customer is not entitled to claim any loss for any incident if the incident is not reported to Ultimate Cleaners within 72 hours of completion of the Service.

j)        To the extent permitted by law, damage or loss to the following items is specifically excluded from the liability of Ultimate Cleaners under these terms and conditions: cash, jewelry, art, antiques, and items of sentimental value in which are not limited to only the above named items.


Additions and Amendments

a)      If a Customer requires a Cleaner to clean behind or under a heavy item (i.e.; A fridge, bookshelf, or other reasonably deemed heavy item) The customer will be required to move these items prior to the commencement of the Service; Any item moved by the customer either before during or after a service will be done at the customers sole risk. Ultimate Cleaners encourages that you follow the applicable health & Safety measures to do so in a safe manner.

b)      The Customer acknowledges Ultimate Cleaners invests significant resources in recruiting, selecting and training its subcontractors. Unless Ultimate Cleaners gives prior written permission, the Customer must not in any way or manner directly or indirectly, engage, employ or contract with any Cleaner provided by Ultimate Cleaners for any period during which services are provided by Ultimate Cleaners or for a period of 12 months after the conclusion of any Service.

Thank you for choosing Ultimate Cleaners to do your End of Lease Cleaning.