Solar Panel Cleaning in Canberra and all of ACT.

Ultimate Cleaners have the experience and equipment necessary to clean solar panels thoroughly, and more importantly, safely. We have been servicing Canberra ACT and surrounding areas for 5 years providing an efficient and professional service for solar panel cleaning.

Solar Panel Cleaning is carried out by our highly-trained window cleaners. Solar panels consist of a thick piece of glass on the top, so we clean them by scrubbing with a soap to kill any mould etc. on the panels, and then rinse using a specialised filter that de ionizes and purifies the water. This way they dry spot and mineral free. This is normally done from the ground using telescopic water fed poles and brushes.


Did you know?

Clean solar panels can improve the efficiency of the panels by up to 30%! Therefore, having clean panels will quickly pay for itself through the savings in power.

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Solar panels have a thick piece of glass, so cleaning them is just like cleaning a dirty window. As they’re glass they can also lead to long term mineral etching and staining if they’re left uncleaned for many years, so it is better to have them professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Hosing them off using general tap water will make the problem worse, they need a professional to use DI filtered water, or to be dried with a squeegee to ensure no minerals are left on the glass.

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Clean Solar Panels

Ultimate Cleaners uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products. However if you have rain water catchment please let us know and we can consider diverting or disconnecting the downpipes prior to cleaning if the water is used for drinking or gardening.

Ultimate Cleaners are fully insured, have completed working at heights safety training, and have a range of equipment to make sure the job is carried out safely and efficiently.