Gutter Cleaning in Canberra – Gutter Vacuuming

Ultimate Cleaners offers a cost effective and no fuss service for gutter cleaning of single and double storey homes in Canberra and surrounding areas.  Using a very high powered industrial wet/dry vacuum on the back of a trailer, we suck up all leaf, sticks, dust, sludge and anything else that is in your gutters and down pipes. This process is much more efficient than scooping by hand as it removes more fine dust and sludge. It also ensures a cleaner and more efficient gutter clean is performed.

Our standard service includes:

Removing all material from roof – this reduces the frequency between cleans as some of this material would wash back into the clean gutters;

Vacuuming out all gutters and downpipes – using our trailer mounted petrol powered wet/dry vacuum. Material is taken away in drums and recycled; and

Check all downpipes and unblock as necessary – this includes using water pressure and and eel, 99% of the time this will clear a blocked downpipe.


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We use a blower at the start of a job to remove the material on the roof, however if there is any mess on the ground we clean it up, and even if there’s not we always leave a property cleaner than when we arrived.

Gutter cleaning – reduces the risk of house and bush fire

Gutter cleaning is essential to reduce the risk of bush and house fires. Build up of dry leaves, bark, sticks and other materials in your gutters act as kindling in the fire season. Fires spread from the gutters into the eves and the roof cavity. Having clean gutters reduces this risk significantly.

Gutter cleaning – avoids costly water damaged roofs

Blocked gutters and down pipes lead to excess water overflowing and leaking into the roof cavity of your house. Clean gutters will ensure that storm water can drain effectively, reducing the risk of flooding to your roof. This also helps protect the woodwork around the eaves, fascias and framework of the house.

If you’re wondering whether your gutters might need clearing, then the answer is probably yes. We can provide a quick and affordable solution.

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Did you know?

In treed areas of Canberra and the surrounds, many people need their gutters cleaned once or twice a year. Ultimate Cleaners can install a gutter guard system which will reduce the frequency of required gutter cleaning. Call us today on 0261006214 to enquire about this product!

Blocked downpipes are another reason for guttering systems to fail and water damage to occur. Ultimate Cleaners can clear blocked downpipes (so long as the blockage is above the ground), and can even replace downpipes at an affordable price. Please call us on 0261006214 to get a quote for this service!